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 not you practice fighting bullying  Did you, like me, can not sense the presence of the gas war " Chen meteorite asked, surprised. Old Bryant gently shook his head and said: "No, my grandfather used to be a practicing air war, but then for some reason can no longer practicing air war, and by constantly think of ways to practice physical exercise, pay a hundred times more than others, difficulties and dangers to reach this point of! "" What is the reason you can not practice the air war, and alterations to flesh it  "Despite the old Bryant understatement band over which the transition, but Chen still meteorite appreciate the pain which a person can practice air war had suddenly people not practicing, it is also painful than this naturally he can not sense the presence of the gas war! "These tell you now is not the time to wait until a certain time nature will tell you, and now we are saying is you! Practicing physical difficulties than practicing air war a thousand times, a thousand times the risk of non-big perseverance can not be done, which did not have experienced the pain of people who can not imagine, because the practice is not only physical cultivation methods brutal change. states, even more

 NBA Mens Basketball Shoes G08360 ... Adidas Mens AST NBA Bounce Arti Basketball Sneaker frightening is when the physical pain of the cut transformation is simply brought deep soul . "Here, old Bryant's face is actually showing a trace of fear expression. Chen meteorite to see it all in the eyes, but he had to go this way, only in this way will it be possible to change their destiny. So he did not hesitate and said: "Grandpa, I'm not afraid I can only go this way, this is my choice!!" Profound and cheerful old Bryant looked at him for a moment, immediately gratifying, said: "Good! !, then we will begin tomorrow, "After saying old Bryant got up to go out, this hour meteorite seem to remember something, facing the old Bryant asked:" Grandpa, why the strong like you would be willing to stay   in such a backward village it "old Bryant sudden stop in her tracks, took a deep breath, light, said:" These are not your should know, that you are now ready to practice tomorrow you "! Then wait for the answer meteorite Chen walked out of the room.    The body of the fourth chapter brutal training (on)Update Time :2010-12-14 15:40:55 words in this chapter: 1519    Vast

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NBA Shoes Outlet jungle in the morning, fog, cold air filled with the breath of nature, and occasionally between beast roar sounded muffled, making this jungle did not seem so peaceful, quiet, but full of deadly danger. "Falling" Xixisuosuo footsteps came, one high and one low two figure standing on the ruins of dead leaves on the ground, straight toward the sound of water coming from the direction of a walk. Two figure trails that reveal the fierce and brutal atmosphere of the beast roar like being stuck in the neck of a sudden, like, making this jungle instantly became silent, because that's all this is old but still strong channel figure, like a sharp sword that as momentum, time warning of which both hostile and fearful eyes! Chen meteorite Jinjindigen behind the old Bryant, the heart both fear and excitement, fear is coming around that often bursts Xiongshou snort. After all, just a year-old child, though his soul was a seventeen-year-old high school student, but he was still a child is not  Excitement can finally own practice, which was called for an innate human waste, this brought

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about a huge change in the mood of agitation others can not understand. So in the face of such great joy, fear those promises pales. Themselves can finally practicing! With this feeling, Chen meteorite followed closely behind grandfather, walked toward the depths of the forest. They traveled approximately ten minutes in front of the old Bryant suddenly slowed down. Chen meteorite now have heard that rumbling sound of water, the mountains and my heart are wondering how this will be such a big sound of water, suddenly felt a sudden clear vision eyes open up and show in front of a pair of shocking Screen ...... about a hundred husbands towering mountains as ancient Grendizer like standing in front of the most striking is as wide as Pilian waterfall naked eye sight since the peak of the fall and the next place, the sun shines on it above, suddenly thrown dazzling burst of brilliance. If accompanied by bursts of thunder dragon


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cheap nba basketball shoes roar like the sound of that square foot is about as big as a basketball court suddenly aroused broad pool while water droplets falling lake splashing puddles one group of elk, but the elk was a burst of enjoyment, without the slightest panic, as if already used to it. Tanbian backing side is a rugged rock formations, either directly protruding middle is hollow, like a lion as tangible as the tiger's weird Xiongshou ...... In addition to the largest waterfall in the middle of the road outside, all the way down were arranged along the top of the hill the 12 smaller waterfalls, God does not know a coincidence or deliberate masterpiece, so actually each six, rumbling momentum compared to the huge waterfall in the middle of that road on the ...... really pales twelve worlds of wonders ah! Magical and magnificent

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